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Authenticity of goods

For more than 25 years SIA Laimalukss has been operating in the exclusive distribution of premium professional brands in the hair beauty industry. We exclusively represent the Goldwell brand in Latvia and Lithuania.

In our online store, only genuine goods are presented that we supply directly from manufacturers, we comply with all quality control standards, conditions of transportation and storage. All goods that we import undergo compulsory certification and state registration in the respective countries, by accredited registration agencies and laboratories. All goods that we offer in our online store are stored in proper conditions in the premises with constant temperature and humidity control. When transported by our own delivery service, or by means of partner transportation companies, the corresponding transportation conditions are also observed, taking into account the temperature requirements. Thus, we guarantee the quality and safety of goods on the way to their addressees.

ATTENTION! We believe that we have to warn you against purchasing goods of the above-mentioned brand from unauthorized suppliers and sellers, because without proper expensive infrastructure and compliance with transportation requirements, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of high-tech cosmetics and their quality, which in turn may negatively affect product performance during the procedure, and put you and your customers at risk.

Also, recently cases of sale of counterfeit products, or expired products have increased. The marking applied to the packaging of such products does not allow recognizing the authenticity of the goods, the date of production or the expiration date of the goods without a special decoding provided by the manufacturer. SIA Laimalukss is not responsible for the goods purchased from unauthorized suppliers and sellers and the possible negative consequences of their use.

Please protect yourself and your customers from purchasing and using products of unknown origin and supply.