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Goldwell Couture Collection Intrepid Beauties

Goldwell’s Creative Team has created a Couture Collection that is fearless, bold and daring. INTREPID shows the spirit of the age by going beyond convention and expectation. In 2020, it is all about clever combinations of color. The Colors merge and melt together – from soft to strong and from dark to light. The shades are bold but more sophisticated and refined than in previous seasons. The tones are “oxygenated” as if they have been infused with an airy softness and the effect is subtle but fashion-forward in all the right ways. It is time to create Oxygenation through the multi-layering of tone-on-tone shades to create beautiful color melts. 

The cuts are all inspired by vintage hairstyles, using clever combinations of rounded shapes and pure weight lines to create a sophisticated and gender-neutral street feel. Disconnections and multi-layering take these shapes to the next level, creating a 70s feel with a modern edge. The vintage cutting techniques with hidden disconnection and pure lines achieve a modern editorial feel.