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In a year where color trends will see more neutral, grounded tones we say goodbye to bold, pop colors, as fashion tones arrive in a form of Nostalgic Brights. Inspired by the charming retro colors of the 70s. Orange, Green and Lilac make a nostalgic comeback. As part of this palette one color comes forward to make a statement about the upcoming year: Lilac Aura.

“Lilac Aura defines 2021 as an electric pastel tone with two distinct characteristics. It provides comfort as it hints at mid-century nostalgia while simultaneously embodying the digital revolution. Lilac Aura is plucked from the digital world, reflecting the latest developments in VR and gaming but retains a familiar quality. This is a pastel that echoes the past but proclaims the future,“ Jane Boddy, Colour and Trend Forecaster.

“The moment our team of International Artists saw Lilac Aura, they immediately started formulating it with Elumen. The color has so much commercial potential – it strikes a wonderful balance between soft and flirtatious while still have a calm serenity. It will look great in just about everyone’s hair!” John Moroney, Global Creative Director Goldwell.