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Angelo Seminara – Nocturnal

Goldwell is pleased to introduce their new Global Ambassador, Angelo Seminara. As one of the most globally celebrated hairstylists, Seminara will create limited-edition collections and inspire innovation for Goldwell’s products and services. A new sublime and super modern Color Collection from Angelo Seminara, Goldwell’s newest Global Ambassador. Imagine: Shy nocturnal beings coming to light in the dusky evening shadows, revealing their unique and intricate beauty with celestial hair color enveloped in the unexplainable intrigue of the evening.

The Collection: Stunning, one-of-a-kind hair color designs capturing the essence of these mythical creatures and showcasing the transcendent perspective of a true visionary, Angelo Seminara, Goldwell’s newest Global Ambassador. The Inspiration: Iceland’s still, stark, monochromatic landscape at night when the moon falls into shadow.

The Expression: Incorporating Goldwell’s breakthrough hair-coloring direct dye technology, Seminara created distinctive, complex other-worldly colors and secretive shades reflecting the muted, fleeting, light of the late evening in the deep countryside conveyed in five unique color designs