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Angelo Seminara – Glance

Goldwell introduces Glance, a new, limited-edition collection of looks created by the eponymous stylist and visionary Angelo Seminara. As Goldwell’s Global Ambassador, Seminara infused the collection with his limitless creative passion, inventing exciting new techniques and patterns using color collections from Goldwell.

Seminara envisioned the Glance Collection to be the embodiment of flawless, boundary-pushing brilliant color, with looks for diverse hair types and textures. Each look in the limited-edition collection was fine-tuned to very deliberately be suffused with relentless energy while radiating unending vitality.

Using Goldwell’s Elumen range as the basis for each look, Seminara boldly used unique color patterns and techniques to create stunning, kaleidoscopic looks comprised of rich forest greens, glowing golden bronzes, luminous ruby, warm ambers and sensational plums. Each look is counterbalanced with cool greys and lilac tones, enveloping the hair with extraordinary color brilliance and shine.